New to diamonds? Here is our diamond education web center where we can guide you thought the 4C's of diamond purchasing. No matter where you purchase your diamonds these are vital terms you should know..

It is in the hands of the master diamond cutter to bring out the scintillating fire of a diamond. Like a prism, A well-cut diamond reflects and refracts the maximum amount of light through the diamond from one mirror-like surface to another, dispersed through the top of the stone. Diamonds cut too shallow or too deep lose light that leaks through the sides or the bottom. Consequently, a poorly proportioned stone is less brilliant and spectacular and accordingly less valuable. These are the basic terms used to describe the diamond's different parts:

FACET: A diamond's flat, polished surface or plane.
TABLE: A diamond's large flat "top" facet.
GIRDLE: A diamond's narrow diameter rim.
CROWN: A diamond's upper portion above the girdle.
PAVILION: A diamond's lower portion below the girdle
CULET: A diamond's tiny facet on the pointed bottom.
BRILLIANT CUT: 32 facets above and 24 facets below the girdle.

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